New interRAI Educator

MySkill recently established the role of interRAI Educator and Contact Assessor, to support the clinical teams at Geneva Healthcare, HealthCare NZ, Solora and all their partners.

InterRAI is a suite of clinical assessment tools. In New Zealand, interRAI is the primary assessment instrument in aged residential care, and home and community services, for older people living in the community.

Anonymised assessment information automatically goes to a secure data warehouse, so population data is available to be used for service development, planning and research.

Training now available

MySkill now offers interRAI training with Shelley Mawhinney, an educator with years of experience who can answer those difficult questions.

When can you start?

Training will commence in March 2021. To register your interest please click here           .

To find out more, please call MySkill on 0800 697 5455.


MySkill Partners Pricing is $750 + gst per person

Your fee covers:

  • Online Training
  • Coaching with Shelley during your training, including 1-1 sessions
  • Access to Shelley post-study if the person requires additional support and has been trained by Shelley
  • All TAS related costs*

*Manuals are excluded but can be purchased separately.


If you have any questions about the interRAI assessments, or need to access CA or CHA training, please call MySkill on 0800 697 5455

Meet Your interRAI Trainer

We are pleased to introduce Shelley Mawhinney, our interRAI Educator & Contact Assessor. Shelley is an experienced interRAI Assessor and Educator, working previously for Hutt Valley Needs Assessment Service, TAS and in the aged residential sector.

Shelley’s role sits within the MySkill Training team and she is now available to train RHPs in Contact Assessments (CAs). Shelley will follow up incomplete assessments and provide support to those using interRAI.

Additionally, Shelley will soon be able to train for Community Health Assessments (CHAs), add GPs, and assist with login issues.

Connect with Shelley

To contact Shelley or arrange training, call MySkill on 0800 697 5455.