New client survey: MySkill strengths and learnings

Customer survey rating graphic, with a finger pointing to a happy face.

Over the course of March 2024, we interviewed nine of the organisations that MySkill provides training for. We wanted to hear what they appreciated about the MySkill experience, as well as how we could improve. In the spirit of transparency and learning, we’d love to share the results of this survey with you, and address what we’ll be doing in response to the feedback we received.

Satisfaction ratings

The ratings we received from employers using MySkill clearly show that our partners appreciate our staff, and that our service is genuinely making their jobs easier.

Strengths, learnings, and actions

Encouragingly, the feedback on MySkill’s strengths ranged across the whole organisation, with comments highlighting our responsive staff, enjoyable courses, and easy to use systems. Here’s a small selection of the positive responses we received:

  • “MySkill have the programmes / content that the sector needs”
  • “Support workers enjoy the learning content”
  • “The MySkill process reduces admin and it’s cost effective”
  • “MySkill staff are friendly and responsive”
  • “I love to deal with our learning facilitator and appreciate our regular meetings”
  • “The personalised dashboard is very easy to use. It’s helpful having our branding on the dashboard as staff recognise it”
  • “The clinical competencies ensure we’re safer clinically, we know it’s best practice”

Of course, we also received constructive feedback on how we could do better. We’ve included these comments below, and accompanied each with an action point for the MySkill team, some of which have already been completed.

  • “Reports are hard to follow, please make them easier to read”
    • Action: Improve readability of progress reports (completed)
  • “Some content is not as accessible as it could be”
    • Action: Enhance eLearning for learners
  • “Sometimes it’s difficult to reach the 0800 number”
    • Action: Implement IPFX communication (completed)
  • “The MySkill dashboard can be difficult to navigate”
    • Action: Continue to develop the MySkill dashboard
  • “Keep us in the loop so we can support learners as well”
    • Action: Standardise communication with providers (underway)
  • “Please develop a level 4 qualification”
    • Action: Consider developing a level 4 qualification

These interviews were an excellent opportunity to connect with our partners and understand their needs, difficulties, and overall experience with MySkill. We’re looking forward to implementing our actions to improve the experience of all those who access our services, and we will be reaching out again next year to receive another round of feedback and continue refining our offering.

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