New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (level 2) – 40 Credits

The Level 2 qualification can part of a support workers pre-employment process, orientation or later in their employment. All level 2 modules are eLearning.

MySkill provides:

  • all marking and moderation
  • practical verifications, so you don’t need trained workplace verifiers
  • a simple online training agreement for the learner to complete
  • monthly progress reports

Each learner is assigned a learning facilitator who is available for support via our 0800 number. If we notice a learner is not progressing through the programme, we will contact to them to offer support and encouragement. 

Learning modules

  • Apply Personal Plan Requirements (28545)
  • Identify the Impact of Culture on Support (28529)
  • Infection Control (20826)
  • Interact with People to Provide Support (28519)
  • Medication Stage 1 Prompting (23685)
  • Moving Equipment and People (23452)
  • Recognise and Report Risks and Changes (28517)
  • Take Care, Taking Care (28519)
  • Role of the Support Worker (23451)
  • Describe a person’s Rights (23686)

A group of learners talk and walk together.