Thinking about 2020 and the year ahead

It’s been great to have you on board in 2019; our team is looking forward to working more closely with you this year!

Thanks for all the feedback that we have received on our eLearning programmes – we love the different perspectives that people bring, it makes our content review processes so much easier!   Please continue to encourage your team members to let us know what works and what doesn’t; we want to make sure that everything goes smoothly for you.

Please read on to see what’s new and our February special offers. 

Are you meeting the Pay Equity Legislation requirements?

The Pay Equity legislation came into effect in July 2017; it states that we must give support workers the opportunity to gain the NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 3 within three years.   2020 will see some support workers who were employed after July 2017 and not eligible for tenure-based pay increases needing to be given this opportunity.  

MySkill have been supporting a large national provider in the administration of offering qualifications out to their support workers based on tenure.  We led the project, which made it easy for the provider – all they had to do was to give us the base data and we took care of the rest.  If you need a team to do this for you or would like to hear about how we did this, just call Anita Guthrie on (04) 8028181 or 027 257 2762 or email [email protected].

Review of the MySkill Support Worker Clinical Competency Training

Our eLearning development team have nearly completed their review of our current suite of Clinical Competency Training.  We have worked alongside a group of registered nurses as our subject matter experts and have put our current eLearning through a detailed review.  Several new resources are now available, and we will see the rest come online during the first half of 2020. 

Our purpose is to create consistent eLearning which covers off all the knowledge required for a support worker to work under the direction and delegation of a nurse.  We know that each provider has its clinical policies and procedures, which is why the practical observations are provided to you in paper format, and you can change these based on your policies. Contact our MySkill Clinical Leader Libby Archer on 021 679 057 or email [email protected] for more information.

Ready to go now are:

  • Bowel care administration
  • Enema administration
  • Rectal suppository administration
  • Transdermal patch administration

Due to be released early March 2020

  • Diabetes management
  • PEG feeding and Medication via PEG
  • Subcutaneous insulin administration

Our current Level 3 NZQA Medication Stage 2 Administration (US 20827) will enable a support worker to be deemed competent in eye medication, ear medication, liquid oral medication, medication prompt, metered inhalers, topical ointments and creams and pre-packed medications.  

What’s on special for February and March?

Enrol 10 learners and have 1 study for FREE for any course or qualification this February and March 2020.  Contact Anita Guthrie on (04) 8028181 or 027 257 2762 or email [email protected] for more information.

Did you know?

The Pressure Care unit standard 28737, noted within the ACC contract, has been reviewed by Careerforce.  The suggested changes are currently with NZQA, and if approved, this unit standard will have the workplace verification requirements removed.  This means that it will be much easier for you to train a larger number of support workers as the unit standard will become knowledge-based only.  If you use the MySkill module, your support worker will need to complete the eLearning and assessment, and MySkill will do the rest, i.e. marking of the assessment and reporting the unit standard to NZQA.  This will enable you to free up your busy operational people from this work.